Baśka Murmańska - english version

The History of Modlin Fortress has lots of colorful and interesting pages. Some of them are well known, others are still hidden. One of the stories that you can't pass by without looking at it, is the fate of Baśka Murmańska – a polar bear, deriving from the far regions of north Russia. She was bought by a cadet of a Polish batalion in 1919 year, at the cold market of Archangielsk. He was competing with an Italian captain, to favour a certain lady. The bear was brought to surpass the captains magnificent fox, who was supposed to impress the lady. The meeting of both soldiers at the Anchangielsk promenade had very far going consequences for the cadet and Baśka herself. That’s because she struggled with a dog of English general, the commander of all the coalitions military on Murman. You want to know more about Baśka Murmańska? You can find more information below. The white bear had much more adventures. Her last “military assignment” was here in Modlin Fortress. Today she invites young explorers with their parents to visit the Modlin’s unusual fortification with her own trail. Baśka (actually her statues) can be tracked using a game card available here (link) or at the Turist Information Center. Rhymed hints will lead the explorers nearby wonderfull monuments. The winners, with conquer the trail, can go to the Turist Information Center to collect rewards.